Rhein83 continues to manufacture female caps with elastic retention with the intention of eliminating as much vertical stress and trauma to the restoration as possible. For Rhein83 the important thing is to make a system of components available to the dental technician and dentist that will allow for the fabrication of a rigid, shock absorbing or resilient prosthesis.

With the use of elastic retention, the function of Rhein83 attachments are extended. With overdenture prosthetic devices or cases involving edentulous saddles, resiliency can be controlled with a wide range of retentive caps that have various levels of elasticity and retention.


What is it for?
Safescraper® TWIST provides an easy method to obtain ideal autologous cortical bone for grafts in any type of defects with a minimally invasive technique.

When to use it
Easy to use, Safescraper® TWIST makes autologous bone always available in any condition, both for small and large harvests.