The popular HEXAGON Dental Implant System allows for low-profile restorative options compatible with the internal hex configured implants.



The entire HEXAGON Dental Implant System is color-coded to easily identify the implant platform connection and their corresponding prosthetics, making it easier for you and your referrals to match between the restorative and implant components.

Material and Surface


The implant is made from Grade 23 Titanium with RBM textured surface. The surface treatment is designed to roughen the surface of an implant without leaving the residual embedded blast particles or debris in the treated substrate. To achieve the desired roughening, a biocompatible material with a suitable hardened particle size is used and then subsequently dissolved from the surface with a defined passivation treatment.



The DENTAL RATIO® implant warranty program is designed to support all clinicians involved with the HEXAGON Dental Implant System.



Ø 3.5 mm

Implant-Ø Length
3.7 mm 8 10 11.5 13 16
4.1 mm 8 10 11.5 13 16
4.7 mm* 8 10 11.5 13 16


Ø 4.7 mm

Implant-Ø Length
4.7 mm 8 10 11.5 13 16
5.1 mm 8 10 11.5 13 16

* Platform switch